Seizures & Epilepsy

Second Seizure

November 3, 2015

So after my first neurologist appointment, I was under the impression that since it was technically 1 cluster of seizures, and that there was not enough data, that I don’t have epilepsy. But since my license was suspended and they were unsure if I would have another (maybe during the day) the doctor required me to start on anti-convulsion medication called Keppra.

I was really irritated at first when I had to take the medication with no explanation of why I got those clusters of seizures back to back. I listened anyway and started taking the meds in late August 2014. I wasn’t going to have this affect my lifestyle.

My friend visited me in October 2014, we decided to go beer tasting all day and drinking cocktails at night on Saturday. Then on Sunday night (again Travis was over), I experienced my 2nd seizure. He did not call the paramedics this time (since I told him I was already racked up in medical bills), he just called my mom and the next day, we made arrangements for the neurologist.

Apparently, I was taking the wrong dosage of Keppra. I was supposed to be taking 1000mg and I was only taking 500mg. Whoops. I was honest with my doctor and told him about the drinking. Alcohol withdrawals could be a trigger for seizures mixed with other factors like dehydration, sleep deprived, etc. I took my medicine seriously and was pretty upset when he now tells me I have epilepsy. At least he kind of knows right? There are many cases of epilepsy that can be developed at any age and there is no cause of it. That is the most frustrating.

Now I REALLY need to take my brain health seriously and get on the right track of healthy eating and dialing back the social drinking lifestyle I had – which I will share in some of my posts. Stay tuned.

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