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Why I Started a Podcast

April 16, 2021

I started this podcast to bring awareness to epilepsy. That’s it. Why do I need to speak about epilepsy? Well, when I was diagnosed at 25 years old. Out of the blue. I’ve learned that this common neurological disorder is very mysterious and misunderstood. I’ve tried to find answers on how I developed epilepsy and I still don’t really have answers on the why. 

But, the tipping point for me of really getting the ground running on starting an epilepsy podcast was all the surrounding stigmas and misconceptions about this disorder. Many people assumed flashing lights may cause seizures, but actually only less than 3%  have flashing lights as a trigger. On other occasions, friends think I can’t have children because of my epilepsy. Which is also false, many women have healthy babies. I started becoming more irritated at everyone just not knowing and going along with the stigmas or misconceptions. 

Then, I realized…they all just don’t know. I mean, I didn’t know before I was diagnosed. There is a lot to know! That really drove me to help bring awareness to epilepsy as much as I can.  I was hesitant at first, but people with epilepsy or fighting any disorder, we have to utilize platforms so our voices can be heard.  

My seizures are uncontrolled. Even my doctors, who are the best in the nation, can’t help reduce my seizures. This happens to a lot of people who have epilepsy. In fact, 30-40% of people with epilepsy have refractory epilepsy, meaning their seizures aren’t controlled. We are always actively seeking for answers and sometimes our doctor doesn’t have an answer, besides another medication, brain device or surgery. 

In Season 1 of the Seize Life’s Moments podcast, we’ll be discussing topics including epilepsy treatment, seizures, CBD, ketogenic, you name it. This podcast is for people who live with epilepsy or their partners, friends, family. But also it is for the general person who doesn’t have epilepsy and wants to learn the basics of how they can help.

I hope you take a listen! I would love your feedback on how we can increase more awareness about epilepsy.

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