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48 Hour EEG Test – Those are FUN

November 14, 2016

What is an EEG Test? 

So Brain Cells are known to “communicate” with each other through electrical impulses. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. So I guess, an EEG can help detect potential problems associated with this activity. This definition makes sense to me, but I’ve been trying to figure out why and what is causing my brain cells to misfire all over the place?

WHEN: October 2015 –  48 HOURS STRAIGHT

WHY: Doctor’s Orders 

I let my doctor order a 48 hour EEG test to see if there were any abnormal activities going on, specifically when I am sleeping.


Since my seizures were happening more frequently every month. I was experiencing one nocturnal seizure monthly since July. I have taken an EEG before, but this time, my doctor requested a 48 hour EEG.

Getting wires glued to my head was brutal. I am getting frustrated each time when they are not finding any cause to this. I was hoping the 48 hours of data will give them something to find. My dad took me to the technician to get the wires glued on. The look on his face watching me was sad to see. These tests have not only been frustrating, but my whole family too. We have no control of these. It’s a weird feeling when I kind of want them to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING so it can lead us somewhere – anywhere!
I was still on medication during the test, as I could not stop them when they were testing. I had to stay home and stay comfortable. I couldn’t really move around because I did not want the wires to wiggle around. I mean 2 full nights of me sleeping. It was so uncomfortable, my head was pounding and itchy.
I was hopeful they would find some irregular activity in my brain, especially during 2 sleep cycles that they recorded. I had to wait a couple months until I saw my doctor for the results.

RESULTS: NONE that were significant 

I was hoping this $900 test would give me some kind of answer, but it didn’t. Not. One. Clue.

I keep telling myself – no more tests – why do tests and pay for the tests if they can’t find anything.  The question I keep coming to – is it a good thing that they don’t find something? That everything in my brain looks normal for the most part. I don’t know.


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