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April 4, 2018
I’ve always been self conscious about my weight. Especially the numbers on the scale! When I was in high school, I always wanted my body to be thin. I was about 125 pounds. Now being in my twenties, I wish I was my weight in high school. Lame. When I put on the “Freshmen 15” in college, I started signing up for these “fad diets”. I still do it now. I admit it. I’ve tried a lot of these diets that definitely did not work because of me (it might have worked if I finished them!). In the last 5 years, I’ve spent at least $2,000 on personal trainers, nutritionists, and those popular shakes. What is my problem? My problem is…
I have no self control and discipline. I need these to help me get to my goal of not only losing weight but feeling good. I have to WANT IT so bad that I don’t give up or cheat.
My Failed Diet Challenges
  • Weight Watchers (twice)
  • Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix. I made those shakes every now and then. I tried 2 of those workout videos. I didn’t stick to it.
  • A dozen of Juice cleanses (yup I tried all those) 
  • The Whole 30. I lasted one week.
  • Arbonne. I made these shakes every now and then. The Arbonne consultants are very salesy or maybe just really passionate about this program. 
  • I paid $200 dollars for these nutritionists in Orange County. They were interesting. They were not really helpful. Well I didn’t follow their menu recommendations… I’ve realized that motivation has to come from you, not a personal trainer or nutritionist. You know what it takes to eat healthy. It takes ACTION from you. I gotta stop taking and start doing..
The days I binge are the weekends. Friday & Saturday pizza nights and Saturday and Sunday brunches.  My popular combos were pizzas and ice cream low key nights and California burritos for hangovers. I didn’t even know about California burritos until I moved to San Diego. I also loved Sunday Fundays with donuts, pancakes, french toast and all those yummy sweet breakfast meals. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
When I started having the seizures, I was thinking that possibly my brain was sending signals to me that I need to take care of my body and obviously brain. I gained 15 pounds in one year! I blame myself. From drinking alcohol and not wanting to cook dinner. All take out. Ya it was expensive and lazy. 
Now I’ve realized…I mean REALLY REALIZING that I need get my shit together with my diet and lifestyle. No not diet, lifestyle. Sugar and Gluten is deteriorating my brain. Literally. Sugar is the #1 recreational drug. 
How about if I tempt to reach for that bagel in the morning or that piece of candy that I crave mid afternoon, the idea of brain surgery or more seizures will pop up in my mind and I will refuse.
Forget the numbers on the scale. It’a time to focus on feeling healthy.

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