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Who Loves Health Insurance?

July 23, 2018

Is it me or does the Health Care System just suck? I think we could all agree that it is very complicated. I mean, I don’t get it. My life right now is waiting on prior authorizations, managing claims and expenses. Basically, I have to deal with all the annoying tasks. My risk of having a seizure increases because my medications is dependent on approval of Health Insurance. If I miss my medications, a seizure can happen. Why is it so hard to get these damn medications? It’s not like they are Oxycodone.

Stress is one of my triggers, I am stressed because of health insurance because I’m anxious on waiting for them to approve the medications! So I have the stress of stressing and that can provoke a seizure! Nah, I can’t blame all my seizures on my insurance, but it is literally a pain. I mean I am having LIFE threatening seizures and I’m waiting on them to give me my medications. It really feels like I am bugging CVS all the time and I’m the inconvenience. It feels like I am screaming to myself, “Please, Please, I don’t want to have a seizure, I need my meds!” I seriously do that? CVS hates me.

Why does health insurance do that? My problems include generic vs branded, higher doses and lower doses. My body reacts horribly with generic. It is different for everyone and everyone has different side effects. I’ve experienced these side effects: blurred vision, bloody nose, nauseous, and all of them are unpleasant. Obviously. I threw up once with a bloody nose! When I walk, it looks like I am a drunk person that cannot walk straight.

Doses/MGs/1x a day, 2x a day/AM/PM

OMG – The dosage situation. That is also another pain I have to deal with. I have PPO insurance which makes things a tad easier. It’s Aetna btw. Just calling them out. So I do a lot of medication titrating. Which means, I increase or decrease the amount of meds I take each week. It all depends on my seizure activity. I can’t increase/decrease my dose dramatically, I have to change the dosage slowly. So my typical medication plan is to increase 25mg in one anti-convulsive medicine every other week. Aetna wasn’t approving this 25mg pill. Apparently, they didn’t want to pay for that small dosage when they have a 50 mg pill which is cheaper. I keep calling my CVS pharmacy (they are my best friends now) and I ask why are they taking so long? They respond, “Because they want to make money”. So I’ll end on that note. Thanks Aetna.

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