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Simple/Complex Partial Seizures – Huh?

October 30, 2017

The more I learn about myself  and others in the epilepsy community groups, it is sometimes overwhelming to learn that:

1. there are so many  different types of seizures and 2. how it affects so many people’s lives.

On this, I am trying to talk about what epilepsy is about, what it does and how I can inspire people that have this condition to not be afraid to talk about it. So I want to remind you that while I am educating myself about epilepsy and doing things I can control, there are many other people that have different experiences and they also need your support. So be aware and research it yo self and contact me if you want to learn more of how you can help the cause!

It has been 10 months of me having partial complex seizures. My first complex partial seizure happened on Christmas night. Thanks Santa. I NO LONGER have my Grand Mal seizures in my sleep. How crazy is that? Like literally, my brain says “i’m done with you, lets bring on something else”. I hope I don’t jinx myself.

On the bright side of things, the partials are not as bad as the grand mal. These ones, I can feel them coming.”the auras”. While i’m convulsing, I hear everything around me, like people saying “Are you OK, is she OK?” YES I CAN HEAR YOU. Not having control of your body is so scary and is the worst experience ever.

So guess what? New medication and higher dosage. I mean that is all I can do for now. Keep trying to solve this puzzle and hopefully figure out the cause of this one day!  Obviously my seizures are not controlled by medications, but we have to keep on trucking along.

The partial seizures are very frequent and all I can do is (again) try different medication plans. I am currently testing 3 anti -convulsive pills – Vimpat, Lamicdal and Keppra.

Lets see how this goes.

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